From Concept to Completion your Marketing Solution

Send Us Your Design

Adobe Illustrator Adobe PhotoShop InDesign Adobe PDF QuarkXpress

Files we accept:
TIFF, .JPEG, .PSD (Photoshop)
Full color printing must be in CMYK mode and flattened.
Poster graphics must be in RGB mode and flattened.

EPS, .PDF, .AI (Illustrator), .FH (Freehand)
Convert all fonts to outlines and include all placed graphics in CMYK or Grayscale mode.
Pagemaker, InDesign (.indd) & Quark (.qxd)
Include ALL fonts and external linked files. Stuff or Zip the files into one file and upload it if possible.


These files are not accepted:
Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Paint - these programs do not create press-ready files and need to be converted to one of our accepted formats.

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